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Dr. Sheng Yu

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my friend, colleague, and mentor: Dr. Sheng Yu. I knew Sheng in the past three and a half years of his life. Sheng was twice my professor, twice my employer, and my undergraduate thesis supervisor.

Often I would pop in to Sheng's office on the third floor of Middlesex College at The University of Western Ontario. On his desks were towers of books and papers; it baffled me that they never fell. In his office, we would talk--sometimes for hours--about his past students and what they were up to, about parsing techniques, finite automata, regular languages and their operations, and object-oriented programming.

I prefaced each of our e-mail correspondences with the far too formal "Prof. Sheng Yu". Goodbye Prof. Sheng Yu; you will be missed.


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