The Plan for the Next Few Months

It always sucks to write a "sorry for not posting" blog post and so here is the plan for the next few months. PINQ development is temporarily on hold. It's at a point where I like the ideas in it but where the implementation of the packages system is overly complex. My plans are to take a bunch of stuff out of the database and model/gateway areas and move them permanently into the PQL-specific stuff. This makes a lot of sense, especially since I think it would be worthwhile to make PQL as module-like as possible so that I can release it alone for those interested in it.

On the personal development side of things, I have been buying up a huge number of books which I intend to read over the next few/many months. The books that I have queued up to read align nicely with my long-term goals. I just finished reading The C Programming Language (a.k.a. K&R) and am now getting into ANSI Common Lisp. After ANSI CL I plan on reading through Practical Common Lisp (which if you are a longtime reader then you will know I've previously read parts of this book). My main motivation for getting into Common Lisp is that I want to be able to read The Art of the Metaobject Protocol and know exactly what's going on in it.

That's about all there is on the Lisp side of things. I then get into the more systems programmy things that I'm into: language design, compilers, garbage collection, etc. Not too long ago I started reading the dragon book (Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools) and have paused reading of that. It's a dense book so I want to ease into it a bit more. I intend to do that by first reading Programming Language Pragmatics and Compiler Design in C. After those I think I will be ready to finish off the dragon book. Finally, I'm going to jump into Virtual Machines and Garbage Collection: Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management

Throughout all of this, I've got side reading of The Pragmatic Programmer and Beautiful Code to read into.

This is my really long term reading schedule. I can imagine reading these books could take me well over a year-- especially now that my third year of university is about to start. School is an increasingly important part of my life, as is my job as a residence advisor at my school and so all of this together will likely limit my blogging ability. However, expect a few random posts now and then, especially around statutory holidays.

Finally, if anyone is ever looking for PHP help, I'm a regular on the SitePoint forums so either create a thread or send me a private message. My username is: Peter Goodman.

See you all on the other side!


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