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PINQ - PHP5 Framework

So, originally PINQ stood for [P]HP [IN]tegrated [Q]uery; however, I liked the name so much that I've named my new framework PINQ and now the LINQ-like stuff in is called PQL. So, here are the basic ideas I'm pushing in the (in development) framework. First, a non-traditional ORM. Everything ORM-ish is actually based around PQL. The ORM and PQL are also not limited to databases! Also, multiple database connections are *stupidly easy* to manage. In fact there is just so many things that I'm excited about that you really need to look at the code. I've been commenting the hell out of what I'm doing. If anything, I suggest any onlookers of the code take a look at the following directories/files:

  • /system/model/
  • /system/pql/*
  • /system/packages/route-parser.php
  • /system/other/ (the linear-state files, this is just a temporary directory btw)

The assumption that this framework is MVC (based on some of the class names and whatnot) is more apparent than real. I am not trying to adhere to any MVC rules, I'm just writing it the way it comes to mind and makes sense. In fact, I'm thinking of renaming my Controller class to something that's actually representative of what it is (as it doesn't really control anything).

Anyhow, the license I'm probably going with is MIT, and you can find the code (as I work on it!) at its google code project page: If you do look into it, I suggest you look into it as a curiosity, not as something to deploy with (at least now). It's in heavy development and I sometimes introduce funny bugs. Regardless, there are some very neat pieces of code in it. Enjoy!