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Controlling PHP's Superglobals

It's summer again. Summer means coding PHP at work and having time to my own things. Speaking of which, here's a fun little hack I just came up with:


error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

 * Class that becomes a super global variable.
 * @author Peter Goodman
final class SuperGlobal implements ArrayAccess {
    public $globals = array();

    public function __construct(&$globals) {
        $this->globals = &$globals;

    public function offsetGet($key) {
        return isset($this->globals[$key]) ? $this->globals[$key] : NULL;
    public function offsetSet($key, $val) {
        echo 'hiii';
        $this->globals[$key] = $val;
    public function offsetUnset($key) {
    public function offsetExists($key) {
        return isset($this->globals[$key]);

// create a new $GLOBALS array, populated with our new superglobals
$super_globals = array('_SERVER' => new SuperGlobal($_SERVER),
                       '_GET' => new SuperGlobal($_GET),
                       '_POST' => new SuperGlobal($_POST),
                       '_REQUEST' => new SuperGlobal($_REQUEST),
                       // ...

// overwrite the $GLOBALS array, then extract the new super globals by
// reference into the current scope, overwriting the shorthand to the
// normal superglobals.
$GLOBALS = &new SuperGlobal($super_globals);
extract($super_globals, EXTR_OVERWRITE | EXTR_REFS);

// function to test if the overwriting of the superglobals worked as
// expected
function test_scoping() {


More to come soon.


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