So Geoffrey (my brother) and I worked on OneLobby during the summer and late 2006 but haven't really done anything with it since. The plan was to make it and release it as open-source software anyway, but we never finished it! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I'm going to release the code. There are a lot of really cool things in it, especially the permissions system, active record implementation, and template engine that geoffrey developed for it. In fact, I think almost all the code is really cool. The framework that was made for it is called FileArts, it's the one I use on all of my projects and is of course developed by Geoffrey. The version that OneLobby uses isn't quite up-to-date, but whatever! Before you get into the code, there are a lot of unfinished things to be done, mainly on the administration side of onelobby. Things that need to be done include:

  • A categories system, I was thinking something like Wikio, such that it would also work together with the tags system.
  • Most of the admin panel
  • Anything that one would expect that needed to be done with cron, eg: mass emails, etc.
  • Some other things I don't remember

If you are wondering wtf OneLobby is anyway, you can check it out over at OneLobby. OneLobby is licenses under the GPL, and if you're planning on doing anything involving its code, I'd really like to know! So, go check out the OneLobby Subversion Repository.