Not Everything is AJAX

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) as been around now long enough that people should be able to recognize when some is and isn't AJAX. In fact, a lot of AJAX isn't even AJAX! A lot of the time it's AJAH (... HTML) and AJAJ (... JSON (Javascript Object Notation)) but that's just me being critical.

So what is AJAX anyway? AJAX is when one uses a great little Javascript object called XMLHttpRequest (this now exists in IE7) to connect to the server behind the scenes to get some sort of information. That's it. Technically speaking, everything following (formatting, sexy effects, etc) just IS NOT AJAX. That stuff fits nicely into the ambiguous Web 2.0 label.

So what's Web 2.0? Oh jeez. Go look Google it, the top four results are enlightening. So to finish off this rant, not everything is AJAX. Most of the time, things are plain and sexy DHTML (Dynamic HTML).