k4BB version 1, circa 2004

A few weeks ago I was approached to sell k4 Bulletin Board (version 2) and although the persons price wasn't what I had in mind, I never thought of offering to sell k4BB v1.

I think the reason why that thought never occured to me is because most people don't know that the k4BB that (if anyone) people know about is actually the second version. The first version of k4BB is actually more modern, with the exception of fancy javascript. It was built with PHP 5 whereas k4BB v2 is PHP 4.

The reason k4BB v1 was PHP 5 was that it was made to compete in the Zend PHP 5 Competition. It tied for 22nd place!

Another reason why people might not care about it is because it only has slightly more features than phpBB 2 and looks a lot like vBulletin 3... haha!

EDIT: I no longer host older versions of k4BB online and thus have removed the link.