Ringo’s Deceptive Tactics

I've been recieving lot's of emails recently from Ringo, an online photo sharing service, and they've really been annoying me. Here's why.

When you sign up, you can put in your normal email password, e.g.: sign in with gmail, and it gives you the option to invite ALL of the people on your contact list. This in itself is nothing bad, if anything it's a smart way to get the word out, but what really annoys me is the emails that they send. The first email that I recieved was titled: "New Photos" and advertised new photos from one of my friends. Being bored and generally interested in photos that my friend might have posted on Ringo (and for some reason not on facebook?) I went to check them out. But first I had to sign up.

So when I went to sign up, it asked me to log in with my Gmail email and password and that's when it prompted me to send invites to all of the people in my contact list. I realized right then and there that this really wasn't the type of crap I wanted to send out to people.

Since deciding to never go to ringo again I have recieved several more similar invitations. I just wish that Ringo wouldn't advertise my friends having photos in their profiles when they don't and when they have probably been suckered into going to their website for the same reason I was.

All in all, Ringo looks like a sub par photo sharing service trying to compete with the likes of facebook and smug mug. It has a terrible user interface and is dependent on viral marketing to get users. Pffft. How cheap.